ANIMAL PRODUCTS:: Exclusively 100% Vegan. We decided not to use any type of animal products in our cosmetic line. We love our animals and to be honest we just don't think it's necessary to put them on our face. We are also proudly Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny and PETA.

BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE:: A common ingredient used for it's pearly sheen in mineral makeup. It is known to cause irritation, redness and itching. Especially irritating for sensitive skin and people suffering from Rosacea.

FD&C DYES:: Synthetic colorants used in food, cosmetics and skin care that contain coal tar and petroleum. Almost all of these dyes have been shown in animal studies to be carcinogenic. All of our cosmetics are colored with FDA Approved Mineral Cosmetic Grade Pigments.

GLUTEN:: Since we have many clients that have allergies to Gluten we have decided to exclude it from our ingredients. It is suggested that with a Gluten Allergy people avoid it not only in food, but cosmetics as well. Common places gluten is hidden is Vitamin E. Our Vitamin E is derived from Non-GMO Sunflowers.

GMO'S:: (Genetically Modified Organism) We say NO to GMO! GMO's are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a lab through genetic engineering and then sold to us as consumers. There is more and more evidence that connects GMO's with health problems, environmental damage and violation of farmers’ and consumers’ rights.

A petroleum by product that coats the skin creating a barrier that doesn't allow it to breathe. Known to cause acne and premature aging. Oils get a bad reputation because of this type of oil, but plant based oils are actually one of the best ingredients for our skin! All of our oils are plant based and will NOT clog pores, it actually helps the skin correct the amount of sebum being produced and are breathable.

NANO PARTICLES:: All products are free of nano-particles, which have the ability to penetrate the skin and irritate the lungs.
Some research has shown that many types of nano-particles can be toxic to human tissue and manipulate cellular DNA. Many cosmetic companies do not disclose whether they use nano-particles or not, so it's important to do your own research and ask questions.

PARABENS:: Used to prevent the growth of microbes in products and can be absorbed into the skin. Common names: Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Proplyparaben, pretty much any ingredient ending in paraben. Research shows these ingredients are known to disrupt the hormone function, which is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity.

SOY:: Soy can be an excellent ingredient, however we have many people who seek out soy free products for allergy purposes. It is also very common that soy products in cosmetics come from GMO soy, which is another reason we do not use this ingredient.

SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES:: Companies are allowed not to disclose what their "fragrance" consists of because it is their "trade secret." There really is no way of knowing what is in their blends, but it can consist of up to hundreds of synthetic chemical compounds. None of our products contain synthetic fragrance. Our scent comes from 100% Natural and Organic Essential Oils. We use 2% or less in all formulas which is said to be safe for pregnant women, however ALWAYS consult your Doctor when using any essential oils.

:: As of now none of our products require preservatives, however as we expand synthetic preservatives is an ingredient we will not use. We are collecting research on all natural preservatives, and when the time comes that we break into skin care we will be using those.

TALC:: (Talcum Powder) Often used in cosmetics as a filler ingredient to "bulk" up the product. Meaning less pigment-more filler. Talc is also known to be an irritant for acne prone skin and people suffering from Rosacea. Often times Talc can produce redness in the face, and tends to enhance fine lines and wrinkles by settling into creases. Since we are committed to making premium products that are gentle we have left this ingredient out.